Aerospace Software Development

Providing contract based aerospace software consulting

Transitional Continuum is committed to providing comprehensive consulting services to help clients achieve their goals in the aerospace industry. As a solo consultant, I specialize in offering innovative solutions to the most complex aerospace software engineering challenges.

My consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including Flight Software Development, Guidance Navigation and Control, Attitude Determination and Control System, Real-Time Embedded Software, Mission Critical Flight Software Integration and Testing, Flight Operations Support, Spacecraft Simulation, Ground Segment Software, Product Peer Review Process, Requirements Definition, and Technical Leadership.

I understand that each client has unique requirements, and I tailor my services to meet their needs. I'm passionate about helping my clients succeed, and I take pride in my ability to provide practical and cost-effective solutions.

I believe that success is built on collaboration and trust, and I work closely with my clients to understand their requirements and develop customized solutions. Whether you need technical expertise, project leadership, or architectural guidance, I have the skills and experience to help you achieve your goals.

- Tomas

  • Flight Software Development
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Attitude Determination and Control System
  • Real-Time Embedded Software
  • Mission Critical Flight Software Integration and Testing
  • Flight Operations Support
  • Spacecraft Simulation
  • Ground Segment Software
  • Product Peer Review Process
  • Requirements Definition

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Boulder, CO
Sarasota, FL
Québec, Canada